Languages, Travel, Books, Writing… The Dusty Shelf “Academy” is a place where all those wonderful things that we love and love learning about are be taken off their dusty shelves.

I’ll dust off some of the more rare and obscure Dusty Books on my shelf and give you a little look into them. Sometimes I’ll hit the Dusty Roads and write to you about some corner of the world. Sometimes I’ll be writing in another language and maybe you can take your beloved dictionary off the shelf and smile at funny words.

And you’ll love the guests on the podcast. Here owners of lovingly collected stacks of knowledge will come an teach you some of the fascinating things they’ve been dying to share for such a long time now. This year, the theme with the first few guests is writing and writers. Be inspired!

On the blog and podcast you can follow the progress on my own dusty projects, such as the book I’m working on right now.

Learning for the sake of learning. Exploring for the sake of exploring. I have one plastic mug sitting on my desk and a lot of dusty shelves full of treasures. Go get the duster!

You can also follow our tracks on Twitter and Facebook or contact us at dustyshelfacademy@gmail.com


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