Episode 3: Working with a Table of Contents

In this episode in our series on working on what it’s like to work with a writing coach and editor, I ask our coach and editor Matthew Pearl to take a look at my working table of contents – long before the book is finished. It’s a longer episode than usual, so get your coffee before you press play! But, as always, it’s worth listening to him.

Episode 2: Is that even a good title?

Talking to writing coach and editor Matthew Pearl about choosing good titles. Matthew is one of the best coaches and editors I’ve ever worked with and you can look forward to listening to more conversations with him about writing, getting a book done, languages and the work that he does as a coach and editor.

Episode 1: What’s on my shelf?

Listen to the first episode “What’s on my shelf?” where I talk you through one of my dusty shelves. As we go along I’ll invite other guests too to talk about books, literature, deserts and languages.