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Optimistic title for a page on the blog of a pretty much unpublished author – no?

Well, hang on tight to your library bags for…February 2021…

Don’t get fluent – get even

A Love Story with no Plot, no Prince and a lot of Dictionaries

I can’t wait for you to meet Stella, the narrator of a collection of love stories about learning little bits of languages. Here’s a sneaky excerpt from the prologue:

There are still quiet corners in the university library where those students who never take out a book and just glare at you while they’re studying for taxes or something don’t sit. Where the wi-fi reception doesn’t really work. Where words like “Sanskrit”, “Swahili”, “Roman” and “Demotic Greek” start to jump out at you each time you turn a corner.

You don’t do that? You don’t just aimlessly wander around libraries until something stops you in your tracks?

No wonder we’ve never run into each other before.

I’m Stella, by the way. And no, I’m not going to go stare at my reflection in the bathroom mirror to have an excuse to describe to the reader what I look like. There’s no water in Cape anyway and I scuttled away from the unflushed toilets halfway through wiping the extra blobs of hand sanitiser on the sides of my jeans – passing the mirror in a colourful blurred stripe…

Want to hear more? Head over to the recording of my workshop at Barbara Sher’s Dare to Soar Telesummit where I talk about languages. We’re had a lot of fun!