Virtual Dusty Roads

It was when I found myself in a tent in my living room on Easter Weekend, staring at a crackling campfire on YouTube, that I started traveling again. I rode a bus through London, bounced over waves on ferries and yachts, walked around ruins and museums – all from the creaking pages on my dusty shelf and the flickering screen to that untraveled virtual world.

The armchair travel came to a crashing halt with the passing of my dear friend and mentor, Barbara Sher, in May. Some evenings I still managed to smell the street food in Teheran or take a bus towards the Himalayas – but the grief together with the grueling pace of online work, made the dusty roads fade into the background again.

Yesterday afternoon I drifted back to the French countryside, on the smell of onion soup from a French cookbook. I always get a lot out of writing about cooking, but doing stovetop travel when the armchair refuses to budge, still managed to surprise me. The wonderful world out there stirred to life in steaming onions.

Lunch today was a picnic on a rose farm in Provence. And who knows where the globe will stop spinning next – stay tuned for my series on my armchair and stovetop travels and what it’s teaching me about travels, language learning and life.


4 thoughts on “Virtual Dusty Roads

  1. Oh Doret, I am pleased to see you writing again. I have thought about you a lot since May, but I have struggled myself to take it all in, loss and grief keeps making a fool of me. I am reassured to know that French food and countryside has sparked something in you though. I will certainly stay tuned… ❤

    • Thanks, Andrea! Nice to hear from you too. I’m still in “France”, this time Paris. I’m reading my way through Laura Bradbury’s “Grape” series. Actually, I’ve been to Paris on an earlier stage of this trip too, I’ll write about that soon 🙂

  2. It’s been a strange, strange journey these last few months, but I’m so glad that you’re on the “road” again and the haiku have been pouring out! I’m going to walk the Camino too!

    • That’s great, Pat! I’ll write a post soon about sharing virtual travel experiences with friends. But first, I need to finish the next one about Dublin 🙂

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