Edit it like you’re baking it! – Podcast Episode 4

This is what happens when a writer and an editor try out Google docs for the first time – on two different continents… on air. Matthew Pearl talks about how he likes to go about editing a text, while we play around with a rough draft of a story about the time I tried to learn Russian.

We had a lot of fun approaching this episode of our little reality series as if we were doing a cooking show. Listen to us chasing each other’s cursors around and talking about our experiences of learning languages as beginners – all while a better version of the text is about to come out of the oven.

6 thoughts on “Edit it like you’re baking it! – Podcast Episode 4

  1. Great mental Image of the “fishbowl” view of this simultaneously using Google Docs to suggest changes (& their locations) that could be made. I appreciate, as Matthew did, the “suggestion” mode, which means the ‘other person’s,’ changes will not be permanent, yet you’ll have them available to refer to.
    Thanks for sharing this process & the story you were discussing!
    I totally “got” that the foreign-lang labels on things can help the brain make the solid connection between the Object & the ‘other’ Name, since I’m very Visually oriented & often visualize a new person’s name as spelled out. (Love unusual spellings, to cinch that person’s face to the name!)

  2. I love listening to these podcasts, it’s so exciting for me. As well as hearing about the content of your work and the process you’re going through we also get to learn more about each of you and we can share your learning experience, which I think is wonderful! I so love learning…

    It was really interesting for me to listening to this while I was in another country too, it made me look at things from another perspective. I wrote a really excited comment straight after I listened to the podcast and then promptly lost it because I was working on a tablet and not using a proper keyboard. By that time I was running late, so I had to wait until now before I could attempt to rewrite my thoughts. I’m sure I’ve missed something!

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