Topic Tuesday #1: Going after your dreams

Tuesday at The Dusty Shelf Academy is Topic day. Hoekom nie Maandag nie? Want dis makliker om jou week te begin op ‘n Dinsdag 🙂 The topic of this week is going after your dreams. One of the most profound insights I’ve ever read on this, was Barbara Sher saying that you can go after your dreams even if you “have no goals, no character and you’re often in a lousy mood.” It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of her work and it simply because her take on things is humorous, practical and original. Who else ever told you that positive thinking is overrated AND at the same time made you feel that you can actually get what you really want?

We’ll watch her recent TEDx talk in Prague to kick off the week. You can find the link here. Watch it, leave a comment below it if you enjoyed it as much as I did. Don’t feel in the mood because you’re having a lousy Tuesday? Aw, just go watch it anyway for the hilarious Ronnie story.

Next week’s topic, Italian?

5 thoughts on “Topic Tuesday #1: Going after your dreams

  1. Yes she is so darned practical – I love this about her too! And the promise that we can have what we want without being ‘perfect’ or even ‘better’ is delicious! Love that TEDx talk. Success teams, or coaching, can really help.

  2. A most excellent reminder that Isolation Is The Dream Killer, not your attitude. Barbara is simply THE BEST. Thanks for starting Topic Tuesdays, Doret. I’m looking forward to more of them.

  3. Yes Barbara just gives so practical and handson advises, I love it and it indeed changed my life. Watch it, it could do the samw to you too.

    Italian????? I am soooo curious of your upcoming post Doret.

    Thank you fir your continuous support

    • Thanks Florenza! The first few Topic Tuesdays will be about exploring various things that interest me at the moment. All the bright things winking from my dusty shelves. So some of them I’ll know a lot about and some of them I’ll know very little, like with Italian 🙂

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